The brand

Electric Words is my brand identity, me being Bob Emmerson, an all-round freelance writer. I tend to focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), helped by the fact that I have a degree in electronic engineering and mathematics.

Writing style

I’m told that my writing style is clear and concise: that comes from my copywriting past.  Copy is selling in print and on the Web.

Books and reports

In former lives I was a designer of digital control systems, a journalist, and then a copywriter/marketing communications consultant in my own advertising agency in Brussels. Clients included Intel and the Financial Times.  I can be technical but a core competence is the ability to make the business case for technical solutions.

White papers & articles

I’ve done numerous white papers and lots of editorial articles.  The latter is decoupled from clients’ activities, but I have written about Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Cisco when their early activities were new and innovative.  Right now I’m focused on M2M Communications.

Latest Articles